Monthly Archives: March 2012

Reusing an Heirloom

Often clients will have a piece they want to hang onto for sentimental value and that was the case with these chairs today. They belonged to the client’s father and they wanted to keep them and somehow integrate them into their home we were remodeling. Their taste is clean and contemporary but these chairs add a nice heirloom feel to the space.

This is what we started with: a pair of vintage red leather chairs from the 1940s. They have nice lines and are comfortable to sit in so they were a good option for keeping and reupholstering.


Spring Planters: Add some color to your garden

Now that winter is coming to a close (and really feels like it never properly got started) everyone is starting to think about fresh flowers and planting. Spring! It’s always nice to bring color to your home, whether through a garden or on a roof deck or terrace if you are a city dweller. Let’s take a look at some picks for planters:

This is a Georgian style planter with geometric pattern that is weatherproof. It has a fantastic patina on it that will get even better in time:

Georgian Style Lead Planter


Inspiration: The Mind of Tony Duquette

“Beauty, not luxury, is what I value.” I recently read an article about the late designer Tony Duquette in Harper’s Bazaar and found his thoughts on design and design philosophy to be very refreshing. According to his long time design partner, Hutton Wilkinson, he “had absolutely no snobbery.”


He was known for his more-is-more aesthetic with over the top and avant garde designs. He had a real gift for pulling whatever was in his mind and making it come to life, whether it was jewelry, costumes, or interiors. His creativity overflowed and pairing that with a sensibility to work with any material (he reportedly would even spray paint skateboards and hot dog baskets gold) is true originality.