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Journey through Paris: Moulin Rouge

Today we continue our journey through the City of Light. One of the most exciting experiences we had in Paris was going to a show at the Moulin Rouge! It is located in artsy, gritty, Montmarte district and it’s original aim was “to allow the very rich to come and slum it in a fashionable district”. I have to confess, Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie of all time so I had to go experience the real deal.

The Can-Can


Journey through Paris: Jardin de Luxembourg

Jardin de Luxembourg

Recently I visited Paris and Belgium and over the next few weeks I will present  some photos from the trip. First we start with Jardin de Luxembourg, or the Luxembourg Gardens, which is a large park in Paris. This was right by our hotel so several mornings we bought 2 croissants (each!) and a coffee and explored them.