Beacon Hill: Gutting & Reframing

As we continue to track the process of construction of our Beacon Hill project, we will start today by sharing with you the gutting and reframing of the existing home. To see our before/after shots of this project for an overview of the work done please click here.

We quickly learned that the existing floors of the home were in disrepair. They were sloped in various directions and it would have been extremely difficult to guarantee proper installation of the elevator. The floors were removed, new joists were installed, and we were off and running.


Excavation required for elevator pit.

The installation of the elevator also led us to further excavating the existing basement to allow for the proper height needed for the elevator and resulted in mechanical space for other building utilities, as well separate space for the audio/video closet.

Our original intent from the start was to renovate the existing curved interior staircase from the parlor level to the second floor, and from the second floor to the third floor. Unfortunately, as the project progressed we realized the stairs were in a total state of disrepair. However, we received approval to rebuild the stairs (in kind). The new stairs had to meet all current building codes yet still retain a historic architectural aesthetic. There will be a more in depth description of our work with the stairs in our next post.

The building was taken to its “bare bones”; and the result is a much more solid structure that will stand tall for years and years to come.

Please take a look at some of the progress photos below…


Underside of third floor joists; second floor deck not installed.


First floor parlor level looking toward rear yard; second floor deck not installed.


Third floor


New garden level with opening to rear garden (future NanaWall) and framing of elevator


First floor parlor level rear windows; we removed windows and prepped openings to accept new french doors with transoms.


Parlor level; full bar and powder room on right, elevator on left.


Parlor level front; installation of new Town & Country gas fireplace.


Existing window opening with new lintel.



Existing stair to third floor was to remain.


New framing at third floor.


New elevator shaft.


New fourth floor framing.


New fourth floor framing; powder room on left, bar on right.

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