Inspiration: The Mind of Tony Duquette

“Beauty, not luxury, is what I value.” I recently read an article about the late designer Tony Duquette in Harper’s Bazaar and found his thoughts on design and design philosophy to be very refreshing. According to his long time design partner, Hutton Wilkinson, he “had absolutely no snobbery.”


He was known for his more-is-more aesthetic with over the top and avant garde designs. He had a real gift for pulling whatever was in his mind and making it come to life, whether it was jewelry, costumes, or interiors. His creativity overflowed and pairing that with a sensibility to work with any material (he reportedly would even spray paint skateboards and hot dog baskets gold) is true originality.

Emerald and Diamond Brooch set in Gold, from 1st Dibs

Beauty can be found anywhere, from the most expensive bauble to a simple cut flower or view out to the ocean. I think at any moment of the day you can find yourself stopped by a scene or thought or feeling that can be beautiful. The seemingly uncensored creativity of Duquette’s mind is my inspiration of the day- it seems like he really let himself be free in his designs which is admirable.


Multi Stone Necklace, available from 1st Dibs


Necklace worn by the Duchess of Windsor


The studio of Tony Duquette recently did a collaboration with Coach and created some relatively affordable jewelry pieces. The Duchess’ necklace (with real jewels) originally cost around $850.00. You can now buy a similar piece from Coach for $498.

Coach’s Bib Necklace




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