Journey through Paris: Moulin Rouge

Today we continue our journey through the City of Light. One of the most exciting experiences we had in Paris was going to a show at the Moulin Rouge! It is located in artsy, gritty, Montmarte district and it’s original aim was “to allow the very rich to come and slum it in a fashionable district”. I have to confess, Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie of all time so I had to go experience the real deal.

The Can-Can

Before the show we had some incredible roast chicken at the cafe down the street, which was where the film “Amelie” was made.

Cafe les Deux Moulins

Afterwards, we lined up for the show! The space inside is incredible, almost unchanged since it’s beginning. There was an enourmous Art Deco chandelier in the foyer that took my breath away. It was about 8 feet wide and 10 feet long. Inside, red velvet chairs, crisp white table cloths, and striped carnival-like awnings surrounded the stage. The waiters bustled around serving champagne and then the show started. Feathers! Sequins! Lights! Legs!

Art Deco Chandelier

Inside the Moulin Rouge


There were numbers with feathered costumes that lit up, an enormous acrylic pool that rose up out of the ground featuring a dance with ball pythons and of course, the Can-Can! It was elegant, energetic, beautiful, and so much fun. I highly recommend going if you are ever in Paris.

The Dancers



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