Latest Obsession: Industrial Lighting

My latest obsession is with the industrial lighting pieces being created that are both sculptural and minimal. What a great way to get some art into your house. They have such a raw beauty to them and are so unexpected in the shapes they form and materials they use. Each one gives you a little jolt of surprise and wonder.

Commute Home in Toronto is a company that some amazingly innovative installations, furniture and lighting. Here are some of their lighting creations:

Linear Multi Shade Pendant Light

Stick Light


Balloon pendant


All images courtesy of Commute Home.

This next company, Le Deun Luminaires, is located in Paris and designs lighting that specializes in low energy consumption. The fixtures’ LED bulbs are supposed to last for approximately 30 years! I find these pieces so simple and elegant, yet playful as well. The table lamp reminds me of a Ferris wheel.


Classic Table Lamp


Super 8 Pendant

All images courtesy of Le Deun Luminaires.

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