Schranghamer Design Group is a boutique firm offering a full range of both residential design and interior design services for custom single family residences, high-end renovations, and luxury multi-family residential properties.


We offer full Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, and Construction Administration services for all of our clients. This level of detail leads to the optimum design implementation of each project.

We begin our process by listening to the needs of the client and then establishing a design concept. Each concept should involve elements of context, built form, and finish. This concept becomes the framework for the architectural decisions that are made throughout the progression of each project; and ultimately leads to a more comprehensive and refined solution to your specific requirements.

Once we have achieved an agreed upon design, we begin the process of converting this vision to built form. We create all necessary drawings for construction, pricing purposes, bidding, and negotiation. We then complete Construction Administrative services in which we evaluate and track progress through site meetings and progress reports until the completion of each job.

Interior Design:

Our services include the evaluation of your current interior and assessment of the client’s desires for the space. We will develop a plan that includes the specification of recommended changes and research and formulation of solutions for  problem areas. Finally, the recommended plan will be implemented with management and organization of the solution.

The interior spaces and objects we design are intended to make the lives of those using them easier and lighter. We are not seeking to create a particular style or look but rather to create harmony in the way space, light, materials, and colors are brought together. Each space becomes a portrait of the occupant with results that are innovative, sophisticated, and timeless.

We work by listening respectfully to our clients to develop solutions that show the true potential of the space. Always remembering that what we create will have an influence on the lives of those who use it.