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Silk and the Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson

Today we are continuing with our mini-series about fabrics to discuss silk. What are the best uses for silk and how does one care for it? For a little background, silk, similar to linen, is one of the oldest natural textiles around with use dating back to 3500 B.C. It was first developed in China and came into great demand as a luxury item because of its beautiful luster and shine.


Energetic zebra print by Jim Thompson’s Thai Silk Trading Co., Ltd


Journey Through Scotland: Edinburgh

Our second destination in Scotland was Edinburgh which was a beautiful town with so much to see.  This is a view above of the main thoroughfare in Edinburgh which connects The Holyrood Palace at one end to the Edinburgh Castle at the other.We stopped by the Highland Games in Burntisland and saw competitive events that have been going on since the 1600’s.

Edinburgh's Royal Mile

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile


Journey Through Scotland: Glasgow

The only regret I have about my recent trip to Scotland is that I was not able to see more of this beautiful country. Our trip focused on Glasgow and Edinburgh but unfortunately we did not make it up to the Highlands this time. I read beforehand that Glasgow was an industrial town and it certainly had that feel. Gritty and urban along the streets which contrasted with the beautiful sandstone buildings extending up above the storefronts.

Glasgow City Center

Glasgow City Center



Journey through Paris: Moulin Rouge

Today we continue our journey through the City of Light. One of the most exciting experiences we had in Paris was going to a show at the Moulin Rouge! It is located in artsy, gritty, Montmarte district and it’s original aim was “to allow the very rich to come and slum it in a fashionable district”. I have to confess, Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie of all time so I had to go experience the real deal.

The Can-Can