Weston Residence: Progress

Today we will share with you more progress on our project in Weston, Massachusetts. To see our previous post about this residence and get caught up please click here.

photo 3-1

As previously stated, our client had a specific budget which required us to minimize major structural renovations to the existing house. Therefore our goal was to open up the flow of the house to accommodate their active family and lifestyle and with the integration of appropriate moldings and millwork increase the level of detail in each room.

The majority of furniture, light fixtures, and artwork were re-purposed from the client’s previous interior design consultation with their close friend Nancy Hill, of Nancy Hill Interiors. Nancy will be pulling additional pieces together, and will bring a new feel to the space. Now that we have opened the house up from room to room, our goal is to have a fluid space with pieces that relate to one another and complement the new architecture.

We have included updated shots of the Kitchen with Breakfast Area, Family Room, Sun Room (previous Screened Porch), enlarged Living Room open to existing Stair, Dining Room, and Main Entrance Foyer.

Once again, we have included Before and After shots with captions.




Family Room: Before


photo 3-1

Family Room: In Progress

Notes: Eliminated windows flanking fireplace to make room for much needed built-in cabinets. New field stone fireplace with full 4″ split face stone. Increased size of windows opening up to south facing rear yard. New glass pocket door opening to new Sunroom.

Pending installation of upper and lower cabinet doors, split face granite hearth, and new furniture.

. . .



Kitchen: Before

photo 1

photo 4-1

Kitchen: In Progress

Our client wanted to maintain the general layout of their kitchen so we refined the layout of the cabinets, integrated larger cooking surfaces, added additional upper cabinets for storage and designed a larger island with additional storage. The window bench eliminated the need for an addition (thus saving an enormous amount of money). The result: a better utilized space, additional storage, and cabinetry that complements the new millwork and ceiling treatment.

Pending installation of pendents above island, cushions at window bench, and new table and chairs.

. . .



Living Room: Before (Existing Stair beyond wall)

photo 2

photo 3

Living Room: In Progress

SDG eliminated wall separating living room from Stair Hall; new columns and pilasters, as well as complementary beams and ceiling treatment define space for large game table.

Pending chandelier above large game table, new chairs, and artwork.

. . .


Main Entry Foyer: Before

photo 4

Main Entry Foyer: In Progress

Pending installation of new chandelier over existing table that will be accompanied by new chairs.

. . .

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