Weston Residence

This existing colonial house in Weston, MA sits on an amazing lot. We were asked to present a design proposal for the Kitchen/Family Room, a possible addition for a Breakfast Room, and explore other ways to increase the level of detail throughout the entire First Floor.  Our clients desired a casual yet sophisticated home and felt as if the Kitchen, Family Room, and  Screened Porch were an entirely different entity than the rest of the house, which included a Music Room, Living Room, Main Foyer and Library.  Sadly, these rooms were not currently being used on an everyday basis.

Weston Into Photo 3

After we further studied the existing floor plan, we realized that this disconnect was due in large part to the fact that the Stair Hall was enclosed and it created a zone that separated the Living Room, Music Room, Main Foyer, and Library from the Kitchen / Family area.  Our solution was to open up the plan by eliminating the wall between the Stair Hall and the Music Room / Living Room.  This provided them with a much larger Living Room that opened up directly to the Kitchen and subsequently increased circulation through the house.

Rather than create an addition to the house for a Breakfast Room, we worked within the existing footprint and utilized the bay in the Kitchen by incorporating a custom built-in bench for a Breakfast Nook.  We updated the exterior windows and doors on the First Floor and introduced more openings to allow light to pour into the South facing rooms.  While incorporating the new exterior openings, we made the decision with our client to increase the level of detail at the rear facade.

Finally, we proposed converting the existing Screened Porch to a conditioned Sun Room with a NanaWall that opened to the rear yard.  We collaborated with A Blade of Grass‘ to further develop our schematic rear landscape proposal that included a larger rear terrace with grilling station, stone sitting walls, and a new pool, by Ferrari Pools, with a lounging patio and pergola.

Below we have the Existing and Proposed floor plans and photographs of the existing home versus the current progress of our renovation.  We will continue to update this blog as work is completed and will be sure to wrap up this entry with a complete “Before/After” spread prior to our final photo shoot.  Enjoy!

Contractor: Cahill Development Corp.

Landscape Design & Implementation: A Blade of Grass


Final_Reverse Color_Blog Plan

Existing Floor Plan

21.2 Proposed-First Floor _ Lay

Proposed Floor Plan

.  .  .


Family Room: Before


Family Room: Progress

.  .  .


Kitchen: Before


Kitchen: Progress

.  .  .


Kitchen: Before


Kitchen: Progress

.  .  .


Living Room: Before


Living Room: Before

.  .  .


 Living Room: Progress


Living Room: Progress

.  .  .


Foyer looking into Living Room: Before (with the existing wall at Stair Hall on the right)


Foyer looking into Living Room: Progress (with the wall removed at the Stair Hall on the right)

.  .  .

Ext_Rear Ext_1

Rear Existing: Before

Prog_Rear Ext_1

Rear Existing: Progress

.  .  .


Sunroom Exterior: Before


Sunroom Exterior: Progress

.  .  .

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